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Creating elite workforce

  • Program
  • Objective
  • Modules
  • Fees
  • Program Description

    The corporate industry today demands their executives to be proficient on essential personal,social and professional skills in-order to utilise their true potential for desired growth. It is important for the industry to realise that these skills are gone beyond basic and they have an important role to play in the way a professional performs in the organisation. It is equally imperative for professionals to realise the importance of these skills which are conducive to enhance their performance by imbibing them in their work ethics.

    The aim of this workshop is to enrich professionals with these skills and embellish them to foster growth in their careers. The 3 day foundation course is carefully designed on collective feedback from industry about the most basic skills that every professional should posses. The course will form building block for professionals and is designed as 3 blocks which can be flexibly opted for, a professional can chose to attend either one, two or all the three building blocks.

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  • Learning objective

    Learning Objective: 

    The course is conceptualised on experiential learning, facilitated through invoking individual action, group work, role play and games, to imbibe the skills.

    This course will enable the participants to 

    • Use soft skills to improve working environment and perform better 
    • Facilitate more results and outcomes of meetings 
    • Create appropriate perception and interpersonal management 
    • Realise the true potential of their personality  
    • Remove mental blocks and increase consciousness
    • Utilise office tools to enhance their performance 
    • Boost self confidence and motivation

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  • Course Module & trainer

    Soft Skills Enrichment – Day 1 : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm 

    • Using Communication as a performance tool
      • Oral communication 
      • Written communications
      • Conference Calls etiquette
      • Non Verbal communication
    • Dealing with equals, superiors and subordinates 
      • Introduction and conversations techniques 
      • Interpersonal skills
      • Conflict management and negotiation 
    • Result oriented meeting
      • Preparations
      • Execution methods
      • Interventions 
    • Benefits of right attitude 
      • Self evaluation – positive / negative 
      • Breaking bad habits / mental blocks 
      • How to move a mountain 
    • Mental conditioning and confidence building 
      • Clear and consistent vision 
      • Dealing with pressure / anxiety / burnout 
      • Self awareness and self talk     

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    Personality Enrichment – Day 2 : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm 

    • 7 Habits of highly effective people 
      • Case Studies  
      • Self learning workshop
    • Business etiquette for professional world 
      • Behavioural etiquettes
      • Corporate dressing etiquette
      • Fine dine
    • Using power of unconscious mind 
      • Conscious & unconscious mind 
      • Self awakening workshop 

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    Executive Enrichment – Day 3 : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm 

    • Effective use of MS excel 
      • Basics 
      • Advance tools & techniques 
      • Self learning exercise 
    • Executive presentation skills 
      • Basics of power point presentation 
      • Messaging and presentation techniques 
      • Graphics,automation and more 
    • Managing executive scheduler 
      • Diary management techniques 
      • Time management tricks

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  • Fees

    Course Fee:

    Registration is flexible for any number of days

    Any one of the day   : Rs.4500/-

    Any two days   : Rs.7500/-

    Complete Course  : Rs.9500 /-

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    Inclusions :

    Trainers fees

    Training materials

    Conference arrangements

    Meals and misc arrangements


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