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Refunds Policy

We are cognizance of the fact that there can be instances where you are not happy with our services. In case you demand for a return on the money paid towards the services we would follow the following to refund back the money

  1. In case of subscription services the money would be refunded by deducting a quarter of subscription fees or Rs.500/- whichever is greater
  2. In case of Value added services the money is only refundable till the initiation of service, once the service is invoked, the money paid for such services shall not be refunded. The refunds will be processed with a deduction of Rs.500/- as an administrative fees.
  3. All the refund will be made only for the services charges, all taxes paid during the transactions are non-refundable
  4. All the refunds will be processed within 30 days of request made
  5. All refund request with service details need to be mailed to customercare@learninglinkups.com from the registered email id.
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