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About Us

www.learninglinkups.com  is one of its kind portal which will serve as a “Link-UP” between Corporate Trainers & Facilitators with the learning needs of Corporate Learning & Development Industry. It will be a convergence platform where ideas, philosophies, challenges, innovation & market dynamics will be exchanged to shape the future of Learning & Sill Development Industry. With this sustainable communication channel in place between the two bodies we envisage to Institutionalise Learning & Skill Development in India.

Learning Linkup will strive to create various touch points between Corporate Trainers & Facilitators and Corporate Learning & Development Industry with Portal, Monthly Newsletters, Learning & Development Events, Conclaves, Periodic Summits and Workshops. These possibilities will serve as a great avenues for various exchanges between the two entities.






"To Be World Leader in Linking up Intellectuals"




“Drive Productivity in Enterprises by Linking them with the best Minds & Learning methods across the world”




Rituja Dixit I Concept Founder

L M Sharma I Director

Arun Chitlangia I Chief Consultant

Yateen Gharat I Chief Consultant





www.learninglinkups.com is a convergence portal which “Links-up” Corporate Trainers & Facilitators with the learning needs of Corporate Learning & Development Industry. It’s a subscription based portal available for Corporate Trainers & Facilitators providing them with products & services on a platform that links them up to the Industry. The Corporate Learning & Skill Development Industry can access this platform freely and use the services on offer from our patrons at their convenience.

Corporate professionals can Linkup with Registered Corporate Trainers & Facilitators on the portal in a hassle free manner and at no charge to them. They can also register for free to our online knowledge portal created our Trainers & Facilitators.

Moreover they can share their suggestions, queries and other dynamics in appropriate forums and feedback mechanism provided on the portal.


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