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Arun Singh Rathore

11 Years
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Leadership Lab Facilitation, Team Dialogue Sessions, Meditation Retreats, Fire-Walk, Breakthrough Activities,
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Leadership Facilitator & Behavioural Lin
  • Arun is a creative and highly skilled trainer who is committed to enhance not only the productivity but also the overall quality of life of his trainees. He has trained more than 50,000 people. He has a remarkable ability to transfer his energy & passion to his trainees. He has over 11 years of work experience in the areas of Recruitment & Training and Development. He is a certified Advanced Pranic Healer & Psychotherapist


    Since completing MBA, he has worked in the field of OD & training. He has done OD Interventions through his systematic approach towards the issues. He has conducted diagnostic studies, recognized the pertinent issues & designed the possible solution to the problem.


    He is an all-rounder who has not just excelled professionally, but also in extracurricular activities. He is a red belt in Tae-Kwon-Do - a Martial Art form. He is a gold medalist in IBS Table Tennis League & is playing in Mumbai Divisional Football League(MDFA). His multifaceted personality plays a huge role in his inspiring training programs. He currently conducts training programs for frontline, middle & top management of Fortune 500 companies.


    Arun is the CEO at StayQuick EBookings heading Marketing, Human Capital Management and Strategic Alliances. With a vision of creating a model organisation that thrives on a culture built around – Freedom, Responsibility and Trust! A culture that intends to strike a balance between employee satisfaction, employee inspiration and operational efficiency.


    Arun is a nature-lover at heart and started doing his bit towards sustainability through his active involvement in Organic Farming at Farmlands in Maharashtra and Rajasthan.


    He has very strong content development skills that support him in his endeavour of providing highly specialized & customized training solutions to his clients.


    He views training as a way of bringing about a desirable positive change in the attitudes & behaviours of people on a permanent basis through holistic training methods which include Constructive Confrontation, Meditation, Experiential Exercises.

    His training style can sometimes be as subtle as a dew drop or as forcefull as a raging river, which he uses to create maximum impact. His workshops intend to create a "Realization" among the participants as he believes that learning starts with awakening & awakening is a result of realization.


    His neiche lies in th usage of ancient wisdom to teach modern concepts. "Balance" being the central idea in all his teachings - Not too loose, not too tight. Just Right!