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Facilitation in Action Training

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10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Event Registration closed

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  • The corporate world today is being propelled by a team of executives of varied skillsets participate in various functions of an organization ranging from strategizing, planning, managing, executing and decision making. Ideally the corporate would work wonders if each executive ownits part and deliver but seldom it happens as hierarchies, corporate politics and dictators have their own affects on the working. This can be swiftly overcome by the process of facilitation which brings the method back in madness.

    By using culturally sane and sound methods, practices, processes and tools a group of individuals, with varied skillsets and / or ideology, can be facilitated to work effectively. The techniques used in group process facilitation focuses more on “how it is discussed” than “What is discussed” thereby diluting the very points hampering the growth of the industry. The discussions, meetings and decisions become participatory, consensual and giving desired results.

    Through this 3-day program we are creating skillfull facilitators by imparting them with the process, tools, system thinking approaches and methods building the competencies and qualities a facilitator should process that enables him to get a group of executives work together in a participatory, consensual and outcome oriented manner. Post the completion of course we also give a 3 month handholding services commitment to the participants to ensure the learnings are absorbed comfortably. The course is for highly recommended for L&D professionals, HR Managers, Trainers, Coaches, Teachers, Education Administrators, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Supervisors, Managers, Business Analysts, Entrepreneurs and Consultants: people who are often required to lead and facilitate a wide variety of Crucial Meetings, Trainings, Conferences, Presentations and Workshops. 

     Program fees

    Rs. 25000/- per person all inclusive 

    • Early bird discount of Rs. 5000/- valid for registration done on or before 15th Nov ; please use coupon code Early15N
    • Paid subscription members can avail the discount of Rs.5000/- till 30th Nov; plus an additional cash back of Rs.2000/-, please use coupon code Early15N

    The fees includes :

    • Facilitaor fees for 3 day program and 3 month handholding period
    • Tools, props and course materails
    • Venue and meals

     Dates & Duration

    3 days program : December 6-7-8 ' 2016 

  • The aim of this workshop is to enrich professionals to become a skillful facilitator and embellish them to Engage, Include, Empower, Enable and Achieve in various functions of the organization. The 3 day course is tactfully designed and is eminently practical: the most pressing organizational needs are considered in its design, and it is delivered in a group size of 30 participants. It uses the power of the Peer Group to deliver unique facilitative experiences in a fun and intense learning space.
    The course covers:
    • The roles and responsibilities of a facilitator
    •  Different facilitation approaches and fundamental group dynamics
    • Intermediate level facilitation processes, methods and techniques
    • How to maximize participation and get to consensus; what to do when there is no consensus
    • How to effectively structure the agenda and the meeting processes
    • How to effectively deal with difficult situations, conflict and outrage
    • Group problem solving and decision making
    • Facilitative Trainer/Leader
    • Aligning the team/group towards the Big Picture, the Common Goal
    • Intermediate facilitation practice and feedback

    Benefits to your organisation

    • Building consensus in most difficult situations
    • Improved business decisions and outcomes
    • Improved group interactions and more productive meetings
    • Increased staff engagement and commitment
    • Increased effective time management during Group Discussions and Meetings
    • Improved working relationships
    • More accountability and ownership of the Task
    Benefits to you as a Facilitator
    • Increased confidence in planning, leading and running meetings, workshops
    • A wider range of group communication, problem solving and decision making tools
    • Greater self-awareness basis the professional feedback
    • Access to ongoing coaching and consultancy to assist your facilitation practice


  • Yateen Gharat CPF, is passionate about facilitation and developing the profession in our country. A vastly experienced Leadership and NLP trainer, MBTI certified professional, and a veteran outbound facilitator, Yateen has steered about 1500 workshops over the last decade and a half.

    Sekhar Chandrasekhar CPF, is deeply passionate about understanding and harnessing the potential of fellow human beings. He is an organisational developmentalist, complexity scientist, systems thinker and a Business and CEO coach and a Faciliteacher, a word he created to convey the delicate meaning of'facilitative teaching'.