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Mind Map Workshop

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9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

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  • Modules covered
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  • 1 Day Mind Map Workshop
    What is a Mind Map ?
    A Mind Map is a revolutionary thinking tool that can enhance people's skills drastically in the many areas like - Sales - Marketing - HR Management - Compliance - Negotiations - Training - Recruitment - Project Management - Strategic Thinking - Risk Control and other Business Processes
    A short Video on Mind Maps
    Who invented it ? · Tony Buzan is the Inventor of Mind Mapping and a Leading Authority on Creativity, Memory and Thinking · He is a Bestselling Author of over 125 books, with Sales totalling 3 Million and counting · He was named one of the world’s top 5 speakers in the world by Forbes magazine. · Officially has the highest Creative IQ in the world · Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
    Programme Facilitator
    – Dharmendra Rai 


  • Module 1

    An experiential session to get people to experience the power of Mind Maps themselves - Discover how Mind Maps could enhance your creativity between 50 - 500 % IMMEDIATELY - Why creativity is like oxygen -The science of creativity - Dangers of low creativity - Myths of creativity - State of creativity on the planet based on intense research - The future of business and how challenges could be met - Discover how Mind Maps demonstrate that we are all unique and how to tap that uniqueness - 2 biggest challenges facing the human brain today identified by neuroscientists
    Module 2
    The Science behind Mind Mapping - What is Whole Brain Thinking ? - Myths of Whole Brain Thinking - Gestalt and its enormously powerful applications - Experiential Exercise to prove Imagination is extremely critical to memory - Daydreaming . Good or bad ? - Video defining Mind Maps from Tony Buzan - the inventor himself! - Video on The Most Important Graph In The World - Extraordinary learnings about the brain and memory - How to apply the lessons from the Most Important Graph In The World
    Module 3
    Mind Maps for Brain Storming - Why most Brain Storming is actually brain " drizzling " - Group Brain Storming or Solo Brain Storming - 3 critical rules for Brain Storming with Mind Maps - Experiential brain storming session for tackling burning issues


  • Module 4
    -Laws of Mind Mapping - Understanding ALL the laws of Mind Mapping - The reasoning behind all the laws of mind mapping
    Module 5
    - Destroying the phobia of drawing . 95 % of the world's population has it ! -
    Module 6
    - Practising making a Mind Map with all the laws of Mind Mapping - Structured feedback session for the Mind Maps drawn
    Module 7
    - Various uses of Mind Maps for Business - Education - and Self Development
    Module 8
    - Assignment for certification, Q & A session, Conclusion