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Indroneil Mukerjee

34 Years
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Leadership developmennt training Transformational coaching CXO mentoring Talent development Organization development Train-the-trainer Managers as Talent Enablers Public speaking Blogging
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Leadership trainer & coach
  • Objective

    To strategize and enable end-to-end transformational initiatives and interventions in organization to bring about committed business impact


    Indroneil is a pioneer Transformational Coach (http://indroneil.com/transformational-coaching/) and Enabler. Since 2001 he has caused, managed and initiated transformation in close to 10000 lives who have been working in different capacities with more than 50 business organizations. Some of the transformational journeys successfully enabled / managed by Indroneil include:




    Foundational Leadership for first-time managers, Talent-centric Leadership, People Leadership, Hi-performance Leadership, Change Leadership, Developmental / Situational Leadership for middle-managers, Transformational Leadership for top managers, top leadership integration, Coaching for performance, Mentoring for growth, Transformational Coaching for senior managers, Managers as Talent Enablers (MATE)

    Performance Management, Participative goal-setting, Problem solving & Decision Making, Customer-centrism and management, Delivery Management, Sales Management, Advanced Presentation, Employee engagement, Advanced Interviewing, Talent mapping and role effectiveness, Excellence in Learning Facilitation and Enablement.

    Intentional communication, Conscious Listening, Accountability and personal responsibility, Assertiveness, Influencing,  Value clarification and mutual alignment, Collaboration and teaming up to win-win, Emotional competence and intelligence,  stress avoidance /  management, cross-cultural / generational engagement.

    The approach has been to partner with clients to discover learning needs in alignment to business / organizational imperatives, design customized programs based on discovered data and hypotheses drawn from the data, demonstrate effectiveness by piloting, capacity building for deployment, rolling out in batches and determine impact through tests and simulated mini assessment centers.


    Indroneil has engaged as a enabler, coach and consultant with clients of the likes of ACS-XEROX, CA-TCG, CGI, CIBER, CRMIT, Digital Globalsoft (now HP), First American Corporation (now CTS), HP, Hughes, L&T Tech Services, Lenovo, Levis, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mphasis (now HP), Ness Technologies, Novell, Samsung, SAP, Symphony, Tech Mahindra and UST Global, among others. Refer to Stories of Transformation (https://app.box.com/s/6vuz8k6pug0t3oqonyii) for details.

    Industry experience

    The first 16 year (1983 – 1999) years Indroneil has been in strategic business development and marketing of software /IT solutions and services in India & overseas. Working with the likes of CMC, Fujitsu ICIM, the Computer System Division of Thermax Ltd. and RS Software at strategic levels, he has had a well-rounded exposure to traditional and contemporary disciplines of Business Analysis, Client / Program Management, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

    Between 1998 and 1999 he worked with SAP India as its Marketing Head for India and the sub-continent. He was solely responsible for marketing communication, brand awareness and lead generation for SAP and its products, in the sub continent.

    For 2 years (1999 -2001) Indroneil had been an independent consultant, associating with new-economy start-ups in the IT and Internet enabled services / media industry as business strategist and enabler.

    Entrepreneurial experience

    In 2001 Indroneil started-up his own consulting outfit – iProdigy - to address talent, leadership and organization transformation needs of clients pre-dominantly in the IT / ITeS industries, which he ran successfully till 2015.

    During this time he build frameworks and approaches for transformational learning, trained and certified resources and enabled / managed transformation for business impact.

    Engagements with the academia

    Indroneil has been a guest faculty of many reputed B-schools like Alliance Business Academy, Al Ameen, Wigan Leigh, DEMPO College, Global Business Schools, ISAMS, Symbiosis, and IILM. He has also been retained as a Transformational Coach and Strategic Enabler by several start-up educational institutions to help them in institution building, faculty development and employability enhancement of the students. Indroneil is certified by Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI), USA and accredited to run certification programs for Learning & Development Managers (CLDM) and Master Trainer Facilitators (MTF).

    Education & learning

    After completing his Bachelors with Chemistry major from University of Kolkata Indroneil got into Chartered Accountancy and was engaged as an articled clerk before taking up his first job in 1983.  He pursued an Executive MBA program from IISWBM while working.

    Between 1987 and 2003 Indroneil studied applied behavioral sciences as alumni of ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences) going through more than 1000 hours of lab experience.

    Indroneil was been trained in methods of Appreciative Inquiry in the year 2003 by a faculty certified by Case Western University.

    In 2005 got trained in use of psychometric instruments like MBTI, FIRO-B and Belbin.

    Indroneil is also trained in Complex Sales, Flawless Consulting and Higher Ground Leadership.

    Indroneil is a learner for life and has developed an uncanny ability of drawing learning and wisdom from almost every touch point of life. He has furthered his acquired knowledge through application and exploration in his own life, leading to many innovations.


    Indroneil’s willingness to step into my shoes to know where exactly it pinches separated him from the crowds. He diagnosed, analyzed and understood our issues and then came up with customized framework for Talent Centric Leadership targeted at our middle managers. Hats off to his collaborative approach, deep understanding of adult learning and willingness to follow-through to the desired results.

    Sudhir Saran Singh, VP – HR Ness Technologies

    Indroneil has provided us with an excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our organization. He was open, relaxed, very engaging, and informative and facilitated the programs allowing the attendees to interact, while learning skills and knowledge which can be applied to their individual roles.

    He also provided excellent 1-1 specific and individually tailored training and coaching to staff which was found to be extremely beneficial by both the trainee and the organization. The training sessions were designed in such a way that each new concept was reinforced using both the walkthrough and lab and provided answers to questions when asked, including those which were over and above the course content.

    Pradeep Kunnath, GM – HR Outsource Partners International

    Brochure on Indroneil’s practice of Transformational Coaching: https://app.box.com/s/5uv37bswr42jl85imvr3pn2snru1qekv.

    FIC decided to engage Indroneil because of his ability to understand FIC business and requirement and articulate it in terms of presenting a precise solution and his willingness to partner with client and help build required competencies rather than doing few training programs. The experience and expertise of Indroneil to deliver programs that enable the participants to evolve during the program than just learn few bulleted points from slides was a key differentiator. Especially when it comes to conducting a lab which requires intuitive and influencing skills (besides training skills) which we thought the faculty had.

    The engagement with Indroneil involved training programs for the managers and management teams of First Indian. It is strategic to our long term objectives and involved detailed understanding of the current ‘as is’ state, the improvement needs specific to First Indian as well as follow-up sessions with the participants and detailed debriefing sessions with management.   

    The continued personal engagement of Indroneil brought in continuity to the program and allows for long term support and measurement for each individual participant.

    Indroneil goes beyond the defined scope of the engagement and works on a partnership approach towards a long term and sustained engagement.

    Anoop Hegde, Country Manager –Core Logic erstwhile First Indian Corporation (FIC)


    A published writer and avid blogger, Indroneil writes and speaks to connect, converse and communicate with the audience, often leading to a transformational impact.

    Indroneil has represented the country in the Festival of India, Switzerland in 1989 and has performed in many private concerts till mid-nineties. Today he facilitates mindfulness amongst his audience through live rendition of his music. Indroneil is a trained Sangeet Prabhakar (equivalent to B.Mus) with distinction in Hindustani classical music. He plays the Indra Veena - a guitar modified in 1988 to suit Indian music.


    Indroneil was acclaimed as one of the top 10 Gurus of Change by The Week magazine in 2005 and a Top Ten Thinker by MTC Global in 2014


    Linked In: http://in.linkedin.com/in/indroneilm

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Transformational.Coaching

    You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheIndroneil

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_indroneil

     Website: http://www.indroneil.com