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Manpreet Kaur

10 Years
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Soft Skills and Behavioral Training Expert
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Certified Trainer - Soft Skills

    MANPREET KAUR                                                                                                                                 

    Certified Corporate Trainer –Soft Skills I Conflict Management Expert I Vocabulary and Power Words Expert I Training Strategist I Professional Communication Expert  I Master Trainer I Training Content Development I Corporate Blogger

    An MBA  graduate, with 10+ years of experience,  at present Manpreet Kaur works as an Independent Corporate Trainer and Strategist for Soft Skills.

    In 2007,She has started her corporate journey as a Sales Professional and worked with telecom sector for a few years.After proving herself as one of the highest revenue generators for Organization .During her tenure, she attained proficiency in Sales and Customer Service process.

    At a subsequent pace, she determined to take a succeeding step in her career and started working independently

    As a Certified Corporate Trainer - Soft Skills

    Manpreet Kaur delivers  numerous sessions at IT / Software firms/ Logistics/Retail/Manufacturing units / Hospitality on the below mentioned modules

    ·         Resolving Team Conflicts and Situation Handling

    ·         Interpersonal Skills & Relationship Building

    ·         Working in Collaboration

    ·         Conflict Management

    ·         Sales Excellence

    ·         Customer Service & Delight

    ·         Handling Customer Complaints & Objections

    ·         Problem Solving and Decision Making

    ·         Situation Handling

    ·         First Time Managers Program

    ·         Leadership & Delegation

    ·         Goal Setting

    ·         Time Management

    ·         Influential and Effective Email Writing

    ·         Professional Communication Skills

    ·         Body language

    ·         Assertive Communication

    ·         Listening Skills

    ·         Pronunciation & Articulation Skills

    ·         Conference Ethics & Etiquette

    ·         Selling Skills

    ·         Negotiation Skills

    ·         Leadership Skills

    ·         Meeting Etiquette

    ·         Telephone Essentials

    ·         Corporate Personality Development Program

    ·         Induction Training

    ·         Adaptability & Continous Learning

    ·         Performance Enhancement

    ·         Mind Mapping & Assessment

    ·         Analytical Skills

    ·         Global Culture

    ·         Stress Management

    ·         Creativity & Innovation

    ·         Power Dress & Grooming Standard

    ·         Train The Trainer Program for Retail Operation Team & Coaches

    ·         Coaching

    ·         Business Etiquette

    ·         Professional Attitude & Confidence Building

    ·         Presentation Skills

    ·         Inventory Management ( Retail Specific)

    ·         Visual Merchandising ( Retail Specific)

    ·         Product & Operations (SOP’s)

    ·         Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

    ·         Train The Trainer Program for Retail Operation Team & Coaches


    She has also been involved with STAR SCHEME Project initiated by NSDC , and delivered distinctive retail sessions for retail associates in collaboration with BIABLE She has even conducted the session ‘Train the Trainer ‘ for aspiring retail trainers and NSDC associates in collaboration with Empower Pragati.


    As Conflict Management Expert

    Manpreet is working as an External Resource for Conflict Management, and helping organizations in solving the Team Conflicts by
    -  Understanding the core issues/ grievances and providing effective resolutions
    -  Discussing & resolving difficult situations within the Team
    -  Mind Mapping
    -  One-on-One Discussions
    -  Inter-Personal Skills
    -  Team Dynamics & Team Development
    -  Crafting the Positive Team scenarios
    -   Building rapport within team

    As Vocabulary and Power Words Expert:

    She works as a Vocabulary & Power Words Expert where she helps professionals:
    - In expressing their opinions in an Assertive way
    - In writing influential and succinct emails
    - In formulating relevant responses without getting callous (Verbal and Written)
    - To avoid and resolve conflicts
    - To be a positive conversationalist
    - In the art of formulating the short sentences
    - In negotiating with an accurate terminology
    - To convince the client with appropriate phrases and prominent vocabulary
    - Building rapport with team

    As a Training Strategist

    She has collaborated with the various organizations as a Training Advisor and works as an external resource  on the complete training process comprised of:


    ·         Identifying  and Evaluation of the Competencies  for  the employees

    ·         Training need Analyzation / Training Need Identification

    ·         One on One Discussions with each department for Pre-Evaluation Process

    ·         Strategising and Recommendation of the training Modules

    ·         Instructional Design and Development of the Training Content

    ·         Delivery of the Training

    ·         Post Assessment and Evaluation 

    As a Professional Communication Expert

    Manpreet conducts intriguing  sessions for  employees from  entry level to the senior level management  These are professional communication driven programs and she guides them to overcome the communication barriers and challenges.

    It can be a One-on-One  or a group sessions.These intriguing sessions evolve an employee to  :

    ·         An Assertive communicator

    ·         Positive Conversationalist

    ·         Professional Speaker

    ·         Helps in Interpersonal Skills

    ·         A proficient listener

    ·         To follow the accurate and professional Body Postures


    As a Master Trainer : Train the Trainer Program


    Program is customized for all the aspiring or Professional Trainers, to upgrade their Training Skills.

    ·         The knack of Facilitation : Elements of High-quality trainer

    ·         Planning the module and prepare the presentation

    ·         Methodology : Energy quotient : the base of Successful Training

    ·         Various Training Aids :Corporate Case studies , Role plays , Visual & Audio Aids

    ·         Effective ways : To connect with your trainees-Dealing with difficult trainees with positive attitude



    As a Content Developer

    She creates and develops the Training content which can effectively be incorporated within  the Organizations’internal Learning & Development division.The Content Includes :


    ·         She works with organizations to identify what employees need to learn during the training

    ·         Develop objectives and ensure content matches those objectives

    ·         Revise and rewrite content to shape it for learning needs

    ·         Structure content and activities for employeelearning

    ·         Create case studies, analogies , activities , session planners, facilitator’s guide, trainees workbooks

    ·         Develop assessments



    As a Corporate Blogger

    She writes resourceful Corporate blogs for her trainees.Her blogs help others to understand the realities of  professional life. She tries to explain the insights of being professional through her blogs.They are an amalgamation of analogies and experiences.

    Her recent involvement with the mentioned programs are

    •       Matrix Cellular International Services Pvt. Ltd.

    •       HCL Technologies

    •       Cyient, India

    •       RMSI Pvt. Ltd. – Pan India

    •       Rangsutra Crafts & Clothing – Pan India

    •       Zoom Car – Self Driven Car Rental Services

    •       Yusen Logistics

    •       Max Hospital

    •       DTSS : Facility Management Services

    •       Rangsutra Crafts & Clothing

    •       Crimsoune Club Retail – Strategist & Consultant – Training Division

    •       Latin Quarters – Pan India Stores

    •       Café Coffee Day

    •       Nike, India

    •       Lotto Footwears

    •       Levis India

    •       Max Fashion, Lifestyle,India

    •       Syscom Corporation Ltd.

    •       Morpho - Safran Technologies

    •       FICCI :  The Federation of Indian  Chambers of Commerce & Industry

    •       NTPC Ltd. - National Thermal Power Corporation,India

    •       The Times of India , Uttarakhand

    •       SSIPL – Retail

    •       Mind Craft Trainings

    •       Optitex,India

    •       DTSS : Facility  Management Services

    •       Quess Corp

    •       Quantum Leap

    •       Empower Pragati

    •       Train the Trainer – Govt. School Teachers

    •       Mildain

    •       Avon Facility Management Services

    •       Westside Story & Qubitos– Restrobar

    •       Mazars ,India (Providing Tax, Audits and advisory services)

    •       Bonanza Portfolio (Mutual Funds)

    •       Brand Realty (Real Estate): as  Business Consultant to enhance their sales & Customer Relationship


    Training Methodology : Interactive & Innovative

    The creative approach during the sessions has always been a reason for accolades:

    ·         Activities : Fun activities and games ,involving participants in highly energetic mode.So, no lecture based sessions

    ·         Role play and story building : Participants will be engaged in role plays, helps to explore their talent and enhance confidence.

    ·         Team building Exercises : As we believe in knowing each other better, these exercises give opportunity to do so.

    ·         Brainstorming Exercises :To understand the Creative side of participants, trainers conduct such exercises.

    ·         Discussion Panel & Mock Sessions: Trainees will be engaged in activities in the form of discussion panel , extempore & mock sessions.

    ·         Inspirational Videos:  Including the Inspirational Videos,helping the participants to comprehend the learnings better.

    ·         Developing & Discussing Case Studies : Reinforcement of the concepts through relevant case studies


    Certification Details :

    Certified in  : Train The Trainer

    Organization : Bodhih Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Certification License : Certification #BTSPLTTTC01553