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16 Years
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Train the trainer, Behavioral Programs, Leadership Development, Employability Enhancement, Voice Coaching. Consultative Selling, DISC certified.
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Learning & Development Consultant


    ü  Independently managed a technical training initiative, getting business, right resources contracting setting the SLAs with vendors and post delivery quality check.

    ü  Setting up EE processes and resources in place to enhance students’ employability for NIIT, designing and developing employability enhancement programs, conducting training and certification of 100 trainers and managing national roll-out of these programs as a self-managed initiative through the certified trainers for about 50,000 NIIT students leading to 30,000 of them being placed.

    o   Hire, manage, coach, assess and develop 100trainers to deliver training on employability enhancement for NIIT across India and coordinate their work to ensure timely and quality deliverables

    o   Plan, schedule, and coordinate all required training for all NIIT centers across India

    o   Provide reports and statistics on training performance against goals

    o   Partner with key stakeholders to ensure that training is appropriate to the target student groups and designed to fulfill requirements with the optimal delivery methodology for strategic training initiatives

    o   Ensure complete, accurate and timely data collection and communication by trainers

    o   Personally deliver training as and when needed

    o   Partner with stakeholders for evaluation of learner outcomes and placement

    ü  Pre-intervention consulting for more than 10 learning interventions for clients like 247 Customer, ACS, CRMIT, First Indian Corporation, Sasken, Sonata, SRIT, 

    o   Discovery of individual, group and organizational learning needs – stated and unstated and assessment of possible business / strategic impact of learning using I3 sensing techniques

    o   Designing learning interventions by building hypotheses based on the discovery data.

    o   Demonstrating effectiveness and impact of intervention by piloting followed by review and design change, if necessary.

    o   Deploying and facilitating multi-batch learning interventions for more than 10,000 learners for clients like Baskin Robbins CTS, Gabana, ICICI Bank, Lifestyle, Ness Technologies, SAMSUNG, among others, besides the above.

    ü  Post intervention consulting for most of the above clients

    o   Determination of impact of learning through 3-dimensional evaluation of cognition, application and integration and presenting the same to sponsors with recommendations for sustenance.

    ü  Program managing multi-batch, multi-skill, multi-trainer boot camps for more than 200 learners implemented over 2 plus years for a KPO.

    ü  Designed, developed and delivered soft skills for employability in post graduate institutions as a project

    ü  Developed a module with necessary employability skills for a group of institutions in MP


    ü  Employability Skills & Career crafting for students – SRGI group of Institutions-Jhansi, IASMS, Lourdes – Mangalore, GBS – Hubli, IBA

    ü  Leadership development – First Indian Corporation, CRMIT, Jupiter International, Ness Technologies, ACS, UST Global. (twin facilitator model)

    ü  Behavioral sessions

    o   Problem Solving & decision making - CGI,

    o   Giving and receiving feedback -Sasken,

    o   Assertiveness -Sasken,

    o   Influencing strategies - Sasken,

    o   Negotiation Skills - Blue Star

    o   Cross Cultural Sensitivity and engagement – Novell

    o   Outbound Learning Intervention for Leadership and team building for HR – Satyam (6 batches, co-facilitated)

    o   Outbound Learning Intervention for personal and team effectiveness – Suntech (Co-facilitated)

    o   Outbound Learning Intervention for personal and team effectiveness – iSeva

    o   Being communicative for senior leadership – First Indian Corporation

    ü  Change Management

    o   Lenovo – Co-facilitated

    o   Biodiversity Conservation India Limited – Co-facilitated

    o   ACS – Co-facilitated

    ü  Professional and personal excellence

    o   Voice and diction – GTL Ltd, Sobha Renaissance, Sonata Software, Sasken India

    o   Business Communication (comprehensive module) – Samsung India, IRI, SOHAM Developers, Matrix Solutions P Ltd., GoldStar Jewelers, Brocade

    o   Cross Cultural Orientation – GLT Ltd, CapGemini, TCS

    o   Business Etiquette – OPI, LGE, CTS, GABANA fashions, Satyam, TCS

    o   Customer Service/orientation – OPI, Baskin n Robbins, Lifestyle,

    o   Telephone Skills – ICICI Bank, Airtel, GTL Ltd

    o   Train the trainers - Oracle Academy

    ü  One-on-one Coaching on Diction and expression – Expats from Korea and China (Business Head of LGE, SM of LGE, VP Sales Lenovo), SM of IBM, Presales India Head for Cable & Wireless

    ü  Campus to Corporate – OPI a 21 day boot camp(20 batches), iGate, CTS, Ness Technologies


    ü  Proficiency with Psychometric tools

    o   D.I.S.C. (Certified)

    o   FIRO-B

    o   BELBIN Team Inventory

    o   Personal Effectiveness

    o   Role Efficacy

    o   GALLUP’S Strength Finder

    o   Trainers Style Inventory – for Situational Leadership

    o   Leadership Style Inventory

    o   TP Leadership and BLAKE MOUTON’S GRID


    Certified for American Voice and Accent training – Americom KR Solutions

    Certified in Excellence in Learning ENablement – iProdigy Learning SERVICES (P) Ltd.

    Certified in DISC Profiling – Thomas International

    employment summary

    Independent Consultant (may ’14 – present)

    ·         Design and enable learning interventions for Leadership Development. Co-enable signature program of Indroneil – iEnable, a 5 Day residential Lab


    ·         Managed and coordinated a new technical training initiative. Getting client requirements, right technical resources, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and technology for delivery and post delivery checks for quality. Worked with clients like ZeOmega on multiple projects

    Senior manager learning delivery – NIIT LIMITED (JUN ‘12 TO April ‘14)

    §  Responsible for Employability Enhancement in NIIT. Creating standard processes, managing learning delivery across India which includes, planning, scheduling, and monitoring effectiveness and impact, evaluating for enhancement of learning delivery, meeting business imperative of enhancing placement of students.

    program director &senior enabler with iprodigy (SEPT ’09 TO MAY ’12)

    §  End-to-end enablement of learning for clients to ensure business impact, program managing multi resource sustained engagements and P&L management for all new accounts

    relationship director & senior enabler with iprodigy (SEP ’05 TO AUG ’09)

    §  Managing and developing relationships with existing clients to enhance life-cycle value; developing training aids, methodologies, including training handbooks, demonstration models, and multimedia visual aids.


    BD Manager and Training Consultant with Edify (DEC ’04 TO MAY ’05).

    §  Generating new business and client management; designing and conducting multi-batch programs on Selling skills, customer service and business etiquette and communication

    §  Working on designing and delivering soft skills for Academia

    Voice and Accent Trainer and Business Development Manager with Americom KR Solutions (NOV ’01 TO SEP ’04)

    §  Designing and developing programs on V&A, preparing trainer manuals and instruction guides, managing a team of trainers and office operations.

    Customer response executive with Global eCMS a - BPO of Global Telesystems (JAN ’01 TO OCT ’01)

    Member of card sales team of an American Bank, providing 100% quality calls as an "A" Category agent


    Educational qualification



    §  ICSE (X) from St Francis' Convent High School (Jhansi). 1993

    §  ISCE (XII) from Christ The King College (Jhansi). 1995

    §  B.Com from Bundelkhand University (Jhansi). 1999

    technical education

    §  2 years Diploma in Computer Programming from NIIT Jhansi (DNIIT).


    Cooking, reading, Hindustani classical music, diction coaching for expatriates and executives