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Kumar S Y

14 Years
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Soft Skills, Leadership Skills, Attitude building, Emotional Intelligence, Behavioural Training, Selling Skills Personality Development and Life Coaching
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Corporate Leadership Trainer and Coach
  • S Y Kumar is an inspiring trainer with a strong belief that individuals, when empowered, can bring about paradigm positive changes both in to their own lives as well as to the lives of the people around them at work, family and society. S Y Kumar, fondly called by his friends as “Cool Kumar”, is a warm and understanding person, who empathetically connects with the participants with ease. He believes and readily demonstrates that the in-born leadership qualities of individual participants can be brought out by fine-tuning their soft skills and awakening their attitude.

    With his 29 years’ experience in multi-cultural work environments, he brings in apt examples and real-life case studies that further enhance the impact of his Training sessions.

    Kumar is a Mechanical Engineer with post-graduate qualification in management. As an IRATD certified Corporate Trainer, Kumar is fluent and efficient in designing, structuring and delivering training courses tailor-made to suit different target learner groups and their varying needs. He carries out professional training need assessments and provides consultancy in Knowledge & Skill, Job & Task, Competency and Strategy based assessments.

    Kumar has had working experience with major corporates including TVS, Carborundum Universal, Aircel and Al-Rashed (Saudi Arabia).  His experience has been in Sales, Sourcing and Business Development for a wide variety of Industries. He has extensively travelled around the world and has been associating himself with Corporates, MNCs, SMEs as well as Consumers. Besides being employed with leading corporates, around 50% of his experience has been as an Entrepreneur/business owner with three successful start-ups to his credit.  Due to this wide exposure, he easily adapts to different training scenarios such as a trainer, a facilitator, a moderator or a coach depending on the actual training need and the target learner group.

    S Y Kumar is also a sourcing consultant for overseas clients in the field of engineering and manufacturing. He is regularly interacting with many CEOs and Senior Executives of SMEs and mid-size corporates in India. Kumar, a result-oriented trainer with over ten years’ equivalent training experience in Auto, IT, ITES, Telecom, Manufacturing & Engineering Industries, ensures maximum engagement of the participants. As a passionate and self-driven trainer, he inspires and influences the learners in attitude building which results in a lasting impact. His sincere listening skills, calmness and courage help him to be an inspiring trainer.

    A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI, USA, Cool Kumar is a versatile trainer and coach with special interest and expertise in

    i)                 Life Skills: Leadership, Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Creative Thinking, Team-building, Presentation Skills and Problem-solving

    ii)               Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness and Self-Management, Empathy and Inter-personal Relations, Personal Coaching

    iii)             Tailor-made programs:  For the specific needs of organizations covering Fresh Recruits to Managers to Top Management Executives

    iv)              Career building & Employability Enhancement: For Educational Institutions and SME.

    Empowering individuals to create a space in which each one would exercise their choices and attain break-through results based on improved interpersonal relations is a special focus area for Kumar.